Welcome to Peter Johnson Financial Services

Life is complex. Specialists do what they are trained to do, and usually not much else. We’re here to lend clarity to those complex business and financial problems that span multiple industries and generations. Welcome to our office!

  • Do your Planner, CPA, and Attorney work together to find the one best solution for you and your business?
  • Do you have conflicting information from your financial professionals?
  • Do your current financial professionals leave you feeling like a walking paycheck, or are they a one-size-fits-all group?
  • Do your financial professionals tend to be backwards looking?
  • Do your current financial professionals have all the answers? When can’t they find a solution, who do you turn to?

We are your Financial Life Coach and Financial 911. With over three decades of experience and a network of national experts we can get you through the most complex and sticky financial and business situations. Offering a comprehensive family office experience, we team up with you to integrate your existing problems and advisors into an all-encompassing suite. We help simplify your entire financial and business plan. When you become our client, we take you under our wing. You will join our team as an equal, entering a deep and meaningful relationship with us and our team.