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Our Services

Comprehensive Wealth Management - Today’s financial markets are more volatile than ever, the global economy is evolving, political winds are shifting, and our monetary policy is unpredictable. The individual investor is challenged as never before.

Medicare Insurance Consulting - We help our clients understand their medicare insurance options so they can make educated decisions on which medicare plan makes the most sense for them.

Special Needs Planning - We help the families of persons with special needs understand and implement their options so the family has peace of mind knowing they are properly prepared for future.

Our job is to make it simpler for you to manage your financial affairs in the face of such challenges so that you can put your worries aside and be free to do the things in life that you do best and enjoy the most. We specialize in serving pre retirees and retired individuals and their families, and small business owners. Because we believe in supporting those who are dedicated to helping the less fortunate, we also welcome accounts of charitable and non profit organizations.

Whether you are building toward retirement, already retired, recently widowed, or just received an inheritance, we can help you with portfolio design, asset allocation, account consolidation and ongoing investment management. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we utilize no-load mutual funds, tax free municipal bonds, closed end mutual funds, individual equities and bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Commercial Paper, Treasury Bonds and FDIC insured CD’s. We can manage individual and corporate accounts, trust accounts, endowment funds, IRA Rollovers and retirement plans.

Financial Planning – Peter Johnson is an experienced Certified Financial Planner(tm) practitioner.  Peter and his team can help you with all aspects of your financial life, from planning for retirement, to estate planning, funding a college education, assessing insurance needs or tax planning. And, we will work closely with your other advisors with whom you have already established relationships.

As you try to adjust to our increasingly complex financial world, we stand ready to serve as your trusted advisor for investment management and financial planning.

List of Services offered:

  • Special needs planning
  • Medicare insurance planning
  • Investment management
  • Retirement strategies 
  • Estate conservation
  • College funding strategies
  • Insurance and annuity products
  • Tax prep